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For a small business to get a credit card terminal in South Africa involved a process of several weeks of applying for a device and having it delivered.

Yoco offers this within two days...

Sept 6, 2018

Own your card machine with one payment and no recurring costs. 

Signup is simple with no long-term commitments or contracts. 

The easiest way

to accept card payments.

Accept all major cards

Get paid within 2 days

Zero Monthly costs.
No hidden fees, no surprises.

No long-term contracts either


Perfect for all businesses. Big or small.


Sign up, download, collect and connect

Sign up to purchase 

a card machine

in under 10 minutes.


Download our free 

Yoco Point of Sale app 

and link your bank account.


Collect your card machine 

or get it delivered 

nationwide, for free.


Connect your Android or iOS device wirelessly and accept card payments.



Choose the one that's right for you

Yoco card machines work for any type or size business. 

Once paid for, the card machine is yours - there are no lock-in contracts or hidden costs, just a small fee per transaction.


The Wireless Pro is the latest in mobile card reader technology. Its ergonomic design and long battery life make it the perfect card payment solution for busy environments. Great for fast-moving restaurants, cafes, retail stores and delivery services.

Wireless Pro

Wireless Lite

The Wireless Lite is a compact and durable card reader for taking payments in-store or on the go. It's the world's best selling mobile card reader. 

Perfect for markets, beauty salons, professional services and tradesmen.

Your rate goes down as your sales go up.


It’s simple. Sell more, pay less. 

Your rates are automatically adjusted as your business grows.

0 - 20K


20 - 40K


40 - 60K


60 - 80K


> 100K

Get a custom low rate

80 - 100K


Monthly card volume

Transaction rate (ex VAT)

Own your card machine with one payment and no recurring costs.

30 Day risk-free money-back guarantee.


Get the free point of sale system used by thousands of South African businesses every day

It's free

Get the Yoco POS app for free with your Yoco card machine.

Tablet or smartphone

Run the app on your existing Android or iOS smart device.

No training needed

Easy to understand and 

simple to use.

Quick & easy

Add products, track sales and send digital receipts.

The free Yoco Point of Sale software lets you sell simply, manage easily and spend less time on admin, giving you the freedom to focus on building your business.

Learn more

With this kit, cash-based businesses can start accepting cards and tracking metrics such as top selling products, peak sales periods, and inventory flows.

Start growing your 
business today with Yoco.

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