Understand your business perfectly.

Understand your business perfectly.

Understand your business perfectly.

Run your business with Yoco Business Portal.

Real-time insight

Track your sales, know what’s selling best and compare performance.

Immediate control

Add products to your point of sale, adjust prices and manage staff.

Hassle-free admin

Get daily sales summaries, export your data and store all receipts.

Free with your Yoco card machine.

Yoco Business Portal is completely free for anyone using Yoco to run their business.

All the information you need is easily accessible, all the time. Like the data required for your next investment or the weekly email with your sales snapshot.

Manage your business better. Save more time on admin.

All sales made through Yoco Point of Sale (card, cash, AFT, mobile payments and more) show in your Yoco Business Portal. Keep track of your performance week by week and manage every element of your business, from products in your inventory, the price of your products, staff access and more.

Manage products and staff.
Yoco Business Portal lets you manage all your products through the Yoco Point of Sale app. Change a price, add and remove products. Manage staff access according to roles and responsibilities, increasing productivity.

Cloud integrated.
Access your sales data from all staff members and Yoco card machines in real time, no matter where you are in the world.

Sales reports.
Get a full suite of sales reports, including frequency, time of sales, which staff members are selling what, and more. This feature even supports multiple stores.

Cash flow.
See how much money your business has made and when card sales will be deposited into your bank account.

Export to Excel.
Need to create sales reports for partners, investors or staff members? It’s easy to export and analyse data through Yoco Business Portal.

Real-time insights at a glance.

See how your business is doing daily, weekly, monthly and annually.

  • See your revenue for any period, broken down by cash or card.

  • Stay on top of which products are selling best and bringing in the most revenue.

  • Know how your business is performing compared to the previous day, week, month or year.

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