Refer a friend, get rewarded

Invite a fellow entrepreneur to Yoco and we'll give you R500 for everyone that signs up and transacts over R1000


Only available to current Yoco merchants


How it works


Open your Yoco App or Portal and select Refer a friend in the main menu.


Send your referral link to your friend. They click the link to start signup.


Once the business you refer is settled for R1000, we pay you R500.

What merchants love about our referral program

Easy cash

Making a quick R500 couldn't be simpler!

Help businesses grow

We really care about helping entrepreneurs get paid.

No limits

Get R500 for every unique business that joins Yoco.

Powered by the free Yoco App

Copy your unique referral code in the App

Share your code with a fellow entrepreneur

Easily track your referral history

Sign up in 5 minutes

Not a Yoco merchant? Here's what you need to join and start referring:

01. Your bank account details

02. A copy of your ID

3. The free Yoco App

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