Contracts? Monthly fees? Not with Yoco.

You don't rent your Yoco. You own it.

Contracts? Monthly fees? Not with Yoco.

From R449 once-off

Own your card machine.

One payment and it’s yours forever – with no rental fees.


No contract or monthly fees.

Lutho, niks, nothing. No contracts, hidden costs or payout fees.

2.60% ex. VAT

In-person transaction rates.*

In-person rates start between 2.60% and 2.95% (ex. VAT) and go down as you sell.

Fees for in-person and online payments.

In-person transaction rates.

From between

2.60–2.95% (ex. VAT)

In-person payments:
For all your Yoco card machine transactions.

Our card machines start at R449 once-off, with no rental fees. Transaction fees range from 2.60% to 2.95% (ex. VAT) depending on your monthly transactions, and automatically drop the more you sell.

Online transaction rates.

From between

3.05–3.40% (ex. VAT)

Online payments:
For Pay by Link and Payment Gateway.

Our online payment tools are free to access. All you pay is a transaction fee from 3.05% to 3.40% (ex. VAT) depending on your monthly sales. Like in-person rates, it automatically drops the more you sell.

Drag the slider to see your estimated fees based on monthy turnover.
Custom rate

In-person Payments

Custom rate

Online Payments

Every sale counts.

Combine in-person and online payments to get even lower fees.

Every sale you make – through your card machine or online – contributes to getting you the lowest transaction fee possible.

Already transacting R100 000+ per month?

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Fees, costs and transaction rates FAQs.

Why are your transaction fees higher than the banks?

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Do I pay any bank fees?

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What are the fees for transactions under R50?

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Do my fees really go down as my sales go up?

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Why are the fees for online card payments higher than in-person card payments?

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Are there any monthly or rental fees?

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Can I get a custom, lower rate up front?

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Can I use a Yoco card machine on a trial basis?

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What’s the guarantee? Why do I need one?

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