You don't rent your Yoco. You own it.

You don't rent your Yoco. You own it.

Fixed contracts? Monthly fees? Not with Yoco.

Our fees, costs and transaction rates.

From R499 once-off

Own your card machine

One payment and it’s yours. It’s never been simpler to own your own card machine.


No account or rental fees

Lutho, nix, nothing. No hidden costs, no nonsense.

Up to 2.95% ex. VAT

Transaction rates

Pay one fee per transaction, and only R1.73 (incl. VAT) on credit card sales under R50.

Your rate goes down as your sales go up.

Drag the slider to see your transaction fees based on monthly turnover.

You'll get an estimate of your transaction rate for card transactions and online payments.

For any credit card transaction less than R50, you will be charged a fixed fee of R1.73 (incl. VAT) per transaction.

Custom low rate

Transaction rate ex. VAT

Online payments starting at 2.95% (ex. VAT).

Your transaction fees for online payments are the same as in-person card payments. Starting at 2.95% ex. VAT and going down the more you sell. This will continue until 1 October 2020.

Each transaction through online payments also counts as a sale. The more you sell, the lower your total transaction fees become.

Free tools to do better business.

Every Yoco customer gets access to simple, powerful tools to help you grow.

These include:

  • Free Yoco POS app to manage your products and services from anywhere

  • Free Business Portal for performance insights and tracking

  • Free access to online payments

  • Expert support every day from 08:00 to 20:00, 365 days a year

Yoco Fees FAQs

Why are your transaction fees higher than the banks?

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Do my fees really go down as my sales go up?

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Can I get a custom, lower rate up front?

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Do I pay any bank fees?

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Are there any monthly or rental fees?

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Can I use a Yoco card machine on a trial basis?

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What’s the guarantee? Why do I need one?

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If the Yoco Go is an upgrade for the Wireless Lite, why is the Go more affordable?

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